Not Enough Items Mod for Minecraft 1.6.4/1.6.2/1.5.2

Not Enough Items (NEI) is a successor to each Too Many items and Recipe e book. It arose around the same time as Craft information when Alexandria and a few others on the IRC recommended that I merge both Too Many items and Recipe e book to do away with their finest flaws, paradoxically too many gadgets, or in the case of recipe e book, too many recipies. Too Many Items was great, but the one thing it lacked was once a very easy option to search and kind your gadgets. when you had a mod like crimson power coming together with 10000 gadgets each TMI and Recipe ebook had been racking up the pages. even though you don’t want to use NEI for dishonest in gadgets, you will doubtless feel right at residence with the Recipe component of the mod.


Recipe view incorporates 2 features, Recipes and usage. urgent the recipe key (default R) or usage key (default U) whereas hovering over any merchandise will take you into this mode. once in recipe view clicking will carry up recipes and right clicking will express usages. The back recipe key (default BACKSPACE) can be utilized to go back to the remaining recipe and the Esc or inventory key is used to exit.
Recipe view shows you all the the way to craft that item, be it with a Crafting Bench, Furnace, Brewing Stand or any other custom crafting inventory (Eg Alloy Furnace from RP2).

in contrast to Craft information when a recipe can also be made the use of more than one varieties of the same item (Eg the different colours of wool or the different types of wood), the substances will cycle throughout the available subtypes. So the wool will alternate color.

utilization mode presentations you the entire recipes that include that merchandise.

And it presentations shapeless recipes too.

The ? button will appear when the type of recipe suits the container you currently have opened. Eg. when you express formed recipies whereas using a workbench.

Clicking on this button will return you to the primary stock wher you will see highlighted overlays within the slots prompting you of which gadgets to position the place.



Merchandise Search box

The object Search field is the black bordered rectangle at the backside. only items that incorporate the text in the merchandise Search field will be proven within the merchandise Pane. the hunt box should be clicked on to begin typing. proper clicking on the search box will clear it instantly. it isn’t case delicate. Any search terms will likely be saved and loaded when you restart minecraft.

The quest box additionally supports wildcards * (any string of characters) and ? (anybody persona) as well as the complicated java.regex sample matcher. as an example Bl?ck shows names containing Black and Block. also ^Block would convey objects starting with block reminiscent of Block Breaker and block$ would show objects ending with block comparable to noteblock or diamond block.

Item Subsets

the item Subsets button is a dropdown menu containing various grouped sets of items. Clicking on a collection will convey the entire items it contains and proper clicking will cover them all. Double clicking on a suite will express handiest the objects in that set.

Mods can use the API to generate their very own tag units.

Shift clicking on a collection will kind @setname into the quest bar so that you can make the article Pane express only gadgets in that set.


The trash can button capabilities in 4 ways. All operations follow both to your individual inventory and any stock you could have opened (Eg a chest).
1. click on on it whereas maintaining an item it’ll delete the object you might be conserving.
2. hold SHIFT while clicking on it with an merchandise to your hand and it’ll delete all the objects of that kind in your stock.
three. cling SHIFT whereas clicking on it is going to clear your stock.
four. just clicking generally will toggle Trash Mode
Trash Mode
When trash mode is enabled any item you click on might be deleted. conserving SHIFT and clicking on any merchandise will delete all items of that sort.

Ingenious Mode

Clicking on the C button will toggle creative mode. this is self-explanatory. merely exchange from creative to survival and back again. be aware that on SMP servers this may exchange best you into ingenious mode and no longer your complete server.


again some other self-explanatory button, if it’s raining presently this button will be enabled activated. Clicking it’s going to exchange the rain to on or off.

Magnet Mode

The remaining of the toggle buttons. When magnet mode is enabled any objects within an affordable distance will choose themselves up and fly in opposition to you. objects wont be attracted if they can’t match on your inventory though.

Utility Buttons

The four buttons with the sun and moon are time set buttons. they’re going to set the time to break of day, noon, nightfall and nighttime when clicked. These will best strengthen time forward to no longer break machines counting on world time. So when you click the day button multiple occasions it’ll keep advancing the days.

the guts button will heal the participant, fill the starvation bar and stop them burning if on hearth.

Save States

There are 7 store states capable of saving your complete inventory and armour to disk. proper clicking on a state will assist you to rename it. The x Button appears next to loaded states will clear them. save states are a world feature that may be transferred between worlds and even servers.

Quite a lot of Inv Tweaks
Ctrl clicking on any merchandise in your stock offers you extra of it, just as if you happen to clicked on it in the merchandise Pane. for those who decide up an merchandise and hold shift while inserting it in a container then all objects of that kind you’ve got to your inventory may also be put in alongside the placed item. useful for transferring your whole cobblestone to a chest in one go.


the whole lot that you can do in SSP may also be accomplished in SMP if the server has NEI installed. If not then NEI can still spawn items the use of the supply command in case you are an OP. lots of the options are most effective enabled for OPs.


there are various options in NEI that may be configured in “configNEI.cfg”. be aware that a lot of these are editable within the choices menu.

Server Config

A configuration file shall be generated in configNEIServer.cfg containing more than a few confiutation choices for servers. The config file feedback explain the capabilities. briefly it permits you to assign sure capabilities to be used most effective by way of certain players. So which you could choose who can use OP enchantments and so forth. there may be also a banned blocks section, any blocks which might be banned wont convey in a consumer’s item panel. Bedrock is banned via default so connected users can’t spawn bedrock, (except you specify their name).

Extended API

there is a long API in-built to NEI to permit mods to integrate correctly. this is validated with the RedPower module that gives Alloy Furnace recipes and RedPower particular subsets.

i am conscious that there are numerous totally different crafting inventories in the market. BTW’s anvil, IC2 has a bunch etc. alternatively I simplest use the Alloy Furnace from RedPower. due to this fact I welcome modders who wish to make small modules like the RedPower one for various different mods.

The source package will have to assist guide modders via. NEI makes use of a modloader like config loading gadget. simply name your configuration class NEI****Config.class and enforce IConfigureNEI and package deal it along with your mods. Any calls to NEI will have to be made from this classification or subclasses. Your mod must not directly call any NEI capabilities or lessons as so one can make it dependant on NEI to perform. merely embrace the config and courses along with your mod and it is going to be activated only if NEI is installed.

How to install Not Enough Items Mod for Minecraft:

While Minecraft Forge just isn’t required if it isn’t put in you received’t be capable to see mobs in mobspawner items.

The process for installing NEI has changed. (For the better again!).

  • install FML + OR Minecraft Forge + into the jar.
  • place the CodeChickenCore jar file into the coremods folder.
  • position the NEI jar file into the coremods folder.
  • place any modules’ zip information in the mods folder.

Not Enough Items Video:

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For 1.6.4

Download from Server

For 1.6.2

Download from Server

For 1.5.2

Download from Server

Credits: chicken_bones